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ASSCON Technology is based on physical procedure principles and due to its practical developments, it is suitable for application in the complete range from laboratories until high volume production. Significant features of the systems are:

Vapor Phase Technology of the newest generation
The transferred energy in the vapor can be regulated at ASSCON Systems stepless. No pre-heating of soldering process is necessary any more which avoids all the negative effects.

Oxygenfree soldering process
The complete soldering process in the vapor zone takes place in a oxygen free atmosphere. Any use of nitrogen, as required at Systems with pre-heating and especially at lead free soldering jobs, can be dropped.

Temperature Gradient Control (TGC)
Adjustable temperature gradient by controlled heating power. This procedure uses the linear dependence of vapor production to the supplied quantity of heat. The quantity of vapor can be controlled by the supply of power which enables a free selectable temperature gradient at pre-heating of the assembly.

Automatic Solder Break (ASB)
During the soldering process, the solder melting is recognised by an automatic recognition of the melting point which avoids effectively the formation of cold soldering locations. The usual draw-up of soldering profiles for the program preparation can be dropped completely.

Optical Process Control (OSB)
The temperature gradient can be calculated by the operator at the machine without any help of measuring profiles. This is also possible during operation without any cut-off.

Microprocessor controlling
with a good operator convenience by soldering program memory, visualisation of the process, control monitoring and alarm system.

Ergonomic system construction
Convenience for operation and maintenance. Depending on the type of system and the application, half-yearly service intervals are sufficient.

Void free soldering
Using lead free solders, the void formation is rising due to the higher process temperatures. The patented ASSCON Vacuum Soldering Procedure removes the voids (formed after soldering) from the liquid soldering location.

The application of ASSCON Vacuum Soldering Systems for series manufacture is very successful.

Low operation costs
Due to the enormous efficiency of heat transfer at condensation, the electrical power consumption compared with the classical version is reduced significant. Heat emission of these systems for the manufacturing plant can be neglected. The required cooling power for the soldering system is very low. The total electrical power consumption is mostly below 50% compared with all other comparable Soldering Systems. The consumption costs for the heat transfer medium are significant lower than comparable costs for nitrogen supply at modern Nitrogen-Reflow Systems. In addition to these advantages, the complete infrastructure as nitrogen tank and the permanent supply can be dropped.