Dynamic Profiling

Data Protection

The new reference for process control and documentation in reflow soldering

for VP1000/6000 systems

Dynamic Profiling stands for simple and rapid temperature profile setup and absolute process stability in series operation

  • The operator enters the required temperature profile into the system control.
  • The soldering system adjusts the necessary control parameters automatically.
  • The assembly is soldered fully-automatically with the use of a reference measuring point / measurement standard.
  • The reference measuring point guarantees that all further assemblies are soldered in series operation with the adjusted temperature profile.

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The four determining inputs for the setup of temperature profiles

1. Power input for the determination of the preheating gradient
2. Start temperature of the soak zone (°C) and soak time (sec.)
3. Power input for the determination of the soldering gradient
4. Holding time after reaching the final temperature

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Nominal-actual value comparison of the favored temperature profile

Temperature profile of the measurement sensors