Electronic manufacturing for less than 2 EUR

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Electronic manufacturing for less than 2 EUR/h -
the vapor phase soldering system VP800

Vapor phase reflow soldering systems set standards in the soldering technology. Vapor as energy transfer medium is one of the most efficient procedures for the heating of assemblies. The efficiency is much higher than with the heating of convection. Through the use of a special liquid GALDEN®, an oxygen-free atmosphere is created, where the whole pre-heating and soldering process is running oxidation-free.

During the vapor phase soldering process vapor condenses on the assembly, which therefore is directly and completely sealed tightly with a liquid film. The energy transfer begins and the pre-heating and soldering process starts. Through the control of the condensing vapor quantity, each temperature profile (ramp profile/linear profile) is variably adjustable.

Sensor-based-profiling – a process for active control of temperature profiles – supports the simple and fast creation of temperature profiles. Simultaneously, sensor-based-profiling guarantees through the continuous temperature measurement an absolute process safety in series operation.


The compact design of the VP800 reflow vapor phase soldering system enables the use in each electronics production. Whereby, the innovative concept of this soldering system shows fully the strengths and the advantage of vapor phase soldering. With a footprint less than 1 qm, assemblies with a solder format of 450 x 450mm can be processed. An average energy consumption of 2kWh during the running production contributes to the excellent energy efficiency of the vapor phase soldering.

Boards are inserted through a frontal lock-system. Through the alternative top loading special modules with greater height can be soldered also. The VP800 is therefore a universally applicable soldering equipment. Simultaneously, the handling of the VP800 is very easy because of the infinitely adjustable sensor-based control of the temperature gradient. The soldering profile suits from the first assembly. An extensive creation of soldering profiles in accordance to experimental measurements is not applicable. Even batch-size 1 can be produced economically. It also optimizes the production costs.

As VP800vacuum, void free solder joints in outstanding quality can be realized. The vacuum module is retrofitable.

The VP800 vapor phase reflow soldering system is standing for “top performance” on limited space – as well as electronic production for less than 2 EUR/h.