VP7000 vacuum inline

High-Performance inline systems for large series


Transfer from and to the line via pin chains. Communication via SMEMA or optionally via line control computer.

Full inline integration

Products with a length of 60 to 520 mm can be processed flexibly.

Flexible loading with products

Reduce void rates to the minimum.

Void rates < 1%


All inline systems are equiped with a permanent filtration system to reduce contamination as much as possible.

Permanent Filtration Systems

The new user interface with touch display enables easy and intuitive operation.

Intuitive operation

Codes can be read inline via code scanners to ensure traceability.

Full traceability capability

More features
  • Perfect solder joints thanks to the use of advanced technology
  • No overheating or destruction of electronic components
  • Product changing without waiting times
  • Low overall running costs
  • Robust design for serial production
  • Low maintenance and smooth transport

The concept

Full inline integration and no need for workpiece carriers, this is the focus of ASSCON´s vapor phase inline soldering systems. The simple transfer and takeover of PCBs via pin chains characterize this type of inline system. Electrically width-adjustable transport systems allow fast and uncomplicated adaptation to changing products and thus offer the flexibility required in today’s modern electronics production. The integration into inline control computers is also possible. Full automation combined with the highest quality in the process is the guiding principle here.

With the patented Multi Vacuum technology, voids in solder joints are reduced and void rates <1% are achievable. The vacuum module, which can be switched on during the process, is located outside the soldering area (Clean Vacuum Technology) and is therefore extremely low in maintenance.

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Transportation type

Single Lane

Maximum solder length

155 mm - 520 mm (see details)

Maximum solder width

up to 450 mm

Maximum component height at top

55 mm

Maximum component height below

20 mm

Connection load

21,1 kW

Average energy consumption

4,7 kW

Time to operation

ca. 45 min

possible loading according to solder length

Loading 2 PCBs: up to 520 mm

Loading 3 PCBs: up to 335 mm

Loading 4 PCBs: up to 250 mm

Loading 6 PCBs: up to 155 mm

Option Longboard: up to 1.040 mm

VP7000-200 in the production