VP6000 vacuum

Stand-Alone system for flexible production


The large workpiece carrier (600 x 600 mm) can be loaded flexibly. Via support rails and center supports, soldering of double-sided assemblies is also no problem.

Large workpiece carrier 600 x 600 mm


Permanent filtration system installed as a standard to reduce contamination as much as possible.

Permanent Filtration Systems

The new user interface with touch display enables easy and intuitive operation.

Intuitive operation

With the optional code scanner, product codes can be captured on the assembly and then linked to the solder profiles for traceability.

Optional: Code Scanner for traceability

Optional: Semi-Inline version to further increase productivity

Optional: Semi-Inline

More features
  • Perfect solder joints thanks to the use of advanced technology
  • No overheating or destruction of electronic components
  • Low overall running costs
  • Robust design for serial production
  • Low maintenance and smooth transport

The concept

Maximum flexibility and optimum soldering quality are essential features of ASSCON stand-alone vapor phase soldering systems. By using workpiece carriers, these systems are excellently suited for small and large production quantities as well as for any design and size of assemblies. Due to their compact design, the multi-chamber systems can find a place in almost any production. The conception as batch systems allows an island production. In this way, the system can be fed from a wide variety of production stations.

With the patented Multi Vacuum technology, voids in solder joints are reduced and void rates <1% are achievable. The vacuum module, which can be switched on during the process, is located outside the soldering area (Clean Vacuum Technology) and therefore requires very little maintenance.

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With flexibly loadable workpiece carriers and a maximum solder size of 600 x 600 mm, this system is ideally suited for both small and large product volumes.

Workpiece carrier format

600 x 600 mm

Maximum solder height

60 mm

Maximum transport clearance

100 mm

Power Supply

400 V / 3 / N / PE 50 Hz

Connection Load

13,4 kW

Average energy consumption

3,7 kWh

End vacuum Pump

0,5 mbar

Oxidation-free preheating and soldering process

Continuously adjustable temperature gradient through Dynamic Profiling

Can be used in 24/7 series operation


Low medium consumption

Internal memory of up to 500 soldering programs

Cost-effective soldering system for the highest technological requirements

Pictures VP6000


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Our VP6000 vacuum - Stand-Alone system for flexible production