12. December 2022

ASSCON supports the Fritz-Felsenstein-Haus (FFH), an innovative competence center for people with physical and multiple disabilities.

From left to right, Michael Amberg (Executive Board FFH), Claus Zabel, Matthias Zöller (Managing Directors ASSCON), Gregor Beck (Chairman FFH)

Discover what is possible!

This claim of the Fritz-Felsenstein-Haus (FFH) has inspired us for years. Started in the 1950s with the revolutionary claim to bring physically handicapped children and adolescents into the center of society, the FFH in Königsbrunn has developed into an innovative competence center for people with physical and multiple disabilities until today.

Through new concepts for school, curative education facility and support center, but also in modern residential groups, new forms of everyday life together are developed, which are leading and forward-looking. The people being cared for are seen as “clients”. The claim to do justice to these clients in every respect goes hand in hand with a special cohesion and team spirit of all employees and supporters of FFH.

These are values and attitudes that we share in every respect – innovation, continuous development, constant efforts to satisfy the client and a family-oriented team spirit.

We are therefore a little proud that for years we have been able to support the FFH with our donation in the course of our Christmas campaign.

We always look forward to the meeting of friends and supporters, which could take place again this year after two years of pandemic break … great stories, visionary projects and above all very special people!

You are unique – keep up the good work!

Website of the Fritz Felsenstein House: https://www.felsenstein.org/wp/