Dynamic Profiling

Dynamic Profiling measures and controls every temperature profile at product level fully automatically and in real time. Dynamic Profiling thus guarantees consistent process sequences for your running products at all times. You are so optimally prepared for certifications or audits, for example.

  • Production-accompanying real-time measurement and monitoring of EVERY soldering process at product level.
  • Simple creation of even complex soldering programs by temperature adjustment between assembly and measuring standard.
  • Leaded assemblies can be processed with process media for lead-free processes without changing media.

Dynamic Profiling PLUS+

Dynamic Profiling PLUS+

  • Fully automatic setting of soldering programs. Beyond the specification of the profile parameters, Dynamic Profiling PLUS+ completely eliminates the need for further intervention by the system operator in the setting of the soldering program.
  • You thus gain significant time savings in the creation of soldering programs – even with batch size 1.

Benefits of Dynamic Profiling

Constantly consistent process sequences in ongoing production - 100% monitoring

Significant time savings in the creation of soldering programs

Dynamic Profiling PLUS+ does not require any special process knowledge of the system operator